Checking Restricted Airspace

Mapware Fly includes a map of airspace restrictions to help you fly safely.

Checking Restricted Airspace 

Before you continue, now is a good time to ensure that your drone is legally allowed to take off in its airspace. You should not see any restricted airspace overlying your intended location. 

Mapware Fly can harness DJI’s software onboard the drone to display the same airspace restrictions that you would see in another app like DJI Fly. This lets you see areas that are illegal for your drone to fly in without having to consult another app. 

NOTE: Most DJI drones will not take off in an area encompassed by a flight restriction. 

If you don’t see any active flight restrictions at all, verify that your drone, controller, and tablet are on and connected as described in ‘Connecting your Drone’. You may have to power everything down and repeat that section. Verify the connection status shows in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Screenshot_20220615-081413_Mapware Fly