Mapware Release Notes (9/1/22)

Summary of updates found in the Mapware release dated 9/1/2022

The Map - Multiple Model Support

  • Single Map instance for all models in a project
    • Layers grouped logically by model
    • Exports have been updated to allow selection of layers to be exported, with proper file types available and grouped by model on the export tab
    • Ability to import las/laz files directly from the Map (plus icon next to 'Map Data')
    • Ability to process models directly from the Map (plus icon next to 'Map Data')

Processing Tracker

  • New Processing page available on the navigation bar that allows users to better view progress of their models during processing across all projects
  • New Processing tab for each project, which allows users to view processing updates specific to that project
  • Remaining time estimation provided for all models during processing


Export Updates

  • Point clouds generated by Mapware are now able to be exported in .las, .txt, .e57, .tiff, and .pcd format (in addition to previously available .laz, .ply)
  • Ability to export data from the model list


Upload Images via Batch

  • Ability to create image groups for improved organization of images
  • Ability to upload images to an existing image group
  • Ability to select a single folder and automatically upload images inside a folder


Mapware Fly Notification

  • Added popup when logging into Mapware to view more information and download Mapware Fly (our flight planning and control application available now for Android)
  • Popup is accessible at any time by clicking the Mapware Fly button on the navigation bar


In case you missed it - released last time!

  • Ability to view image positions and flight path of the drone for the model
  • Ability to toggle background layers for 2D Map (Street, Satellite, Terrain, Dark)
  • Ability to change background layer opacity for 2D Map