Mapware Fly 1.5.0 Release Notes (8/4/22)

Updates found in version 1.5.0 of Mapware Fly

Updated User Interface for Flight Area of Interest Creation


  • Quick start with auto generated AOI
  • New way to create and delete vertices
  • Ability to move vertices
  • Ability to move complete AOI
  • Ability to rotate AOI
Mission Type Updates
  • New Mission Types:
    • Double Grid (Cross-Hatch)
      Screenshot_20220722-120351_Mapware Fly
    • Corridor
      Screenshot_20220722-120442_Mapware Fly
  • Users can now select the mission type from a dropdown in the parameters window

Various Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • New Estimate UI during Flight Planning
    • Estimated flight area
    • Estimated number of batteries
    • Number of images to be captured
  • Ability to toggle image location shown during flight planning
  • Units of Measurement preference globally saved for the user (remembers on next login)
  • Improved usability for tapping outside of menus