Mapware Fly 1.5.1 Release Notes (9/1/22)

Updates found in version 1.5.1 of Mapware Fly

Automatic Image Capture for Free Flight Mode

  • User is able to set images to be captured automatically using a set time interval
  • User is able to set images to be captured automatically using a set distance intervalScreenshot_20220824-122522_Mapware Fly

Rotate Flight Path Enhancements

  • Rotate function has been updated to be more intuitive to the user
  • Setting the rotation back to 0 (default) is easierScreenshot_20220824-121354_Mapware Fly

Image Naming Enhancements

  • Images are now able to be renamed
  • Image batch names when imported into Mapware have improved namingScreenshot_20220824-124806_Mapware Fly

Mission Enhancements

  • Missions are now able to be duplicated, enabling the ability to fly the same mission and pattern multiple times in the same project
  • Missions are now able to be moved to a different projectScreenshot_20220824-121555_Mapware Fly

Mission Success Page

  • New page replaces the modal that would previously appear at the end of a flight
  • Education for the user on Mapware processing
  • Ability for users to go back to the project rather than go through the image download/upload flowScreenshot_20220824-124412_Mapware Fly

Tutorial for New Users

  • 7 slides that appear and educate new users about Mapware Fly upon their first login 
  • Ability to View Tutorial at any time from the help menuScreenshot_20220824-120754_Mapware Fly

Adjustable Camera Settings

  • New Camera Settings icon/button available in the Map
  • Ability to modify camera exposure, iso, aperture, shutter speed, and more (dependent on camera type)
  • Live camera feed to view image changes as settings are modified20220824_125042_AdobeExpress

Various Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some minor spelling and grammatical errors
  • Flight parameter menu now automatically docks when drone takes off
  • Vertices are now unable to be moved during flight
  • Bug fixed where the free flight modal randomly appeared even if Free Flight mission type was not selected
  • App no longer crashes if the user closes the connection lost window if the controller loses signal