Mapware Fly 1.6.0 Release Notes (1/9/23)

Updates found in version 1.6.0 of Mapware Fly

Parrot Anafi USA GOV Compatibility

  • Users are now able to use the Parrot Anafi USA Gov drone with Mapware Fly
  • New camera settings interface that works with the Parrot Anafi USA Gov drone


Additional Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Version number now displays at the bottom of the login screen
  • The UI for save flight parameters feature has been adjusted to be more consistent with the rest of the app
  • The available mission types have had the names adjusted slightly and now read: Single Grid, Double Grid, Corridor, Orbit, and Free Flight
  • Bug fixed where after pushing the map layers or settings icon the buttons would slide down the screen
  • Bug fixed where refreshing the projects page would show projects from all organizations the user is a member of instead of just the selected organization
  • Bug fixed where missions created on Tablet A would not appear in the mission list for Tablet B
  • Small grammatical and spelling fixes have been applied throughout the app