Mapware Fly 1.4.1 Release Notes (6/27/22)

Release notes for recent releases of Mapware Fly

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  • Free Flight Mode - This is an additional flight method option in the application. Previously, we only allowed automated flight - where you would configure an area of interest, the application would build a flight path, and then you would follow along while the drone did everything for the flight automatically. This NEW flight method, allows you to fly the drone yourself manually, using the DJI controller, and you can fly wherever you want and capture photos whenever you want. Free Flight Mode
  • Mission Progress Awareness - There are now small dots that will be placed on the map during the flight, when images have been taken. Additionally, we now present you with an estimate of how much time is remaining in the flight.In Flight with Telemetry Bar (1)
  • Controller Signal Strength Icon and Feedback - We now have an icon in the telemetry bar during a flight which shows you how strong of a connection the controller has with the drone. Further, we added a notification to you in the preflight checklist which prompts, BEFORE the flight, if the connection is poor, and will prevent you from beginning flight if the signal is bad. SignalStrength
  • Improved Mission and Project Cards with Preview Thumbnails - The application now provides better information that is relevant to Mapware Fly rather than Mapware SaaS in the subtext for both the mission and project cards. The thumbnail will display a screenshot of a planned or completed area of interest.
    • ProjectProject Card-1
    • MissionMission Card-1
  • Map Search Enhancements for Improved Experience - On the map screen, the user has the option to search for any keyword, POI, zipcode, address, etc and zoom to that location in the map. The options displayed are now more logical and provide a better user experience for you. (ie: Waterford, Michigan 48327 rather than just 48327)Search by Address

  • Ability to View Photo Details - You can now tap on any individual image that is captured through Mapware Fly and view the image full screen along with some information associated to the image. You can also zoom and pan on the image using your fingers. View Photo Details
  • Multiple Bug Fixes - Some highlights:
    • Altitude Zones via DJI Geozones are now able to be flown in, rather than restricted.
    • SD Card icon should no longer occasionally show blank values
    • Swapping between camera view and map view (Picture-in-Picture) should no longer occasionally show a blank screen
    • Tweaks to the pause/resume downloads and uploads to ensure more stability
    • Projects loading animation properly animates rather than freezing
    • When drone returns to home automatically because of low battery, it no longer shows Mission Incomplete modal. 
    • Parameters are no longer modifiable during flight
    • Acceleration to Target Altitude should be less jumpy (Mini2 and Air2)


Mapware Fly 1.4.0 (Released 5/16/22)

  • First production release of Mapware Fly and includes support for the following drones on Android Tablets
    • DJI Mavic 2 Pro
    • DJI Mini 2
    • DJI Air 2
    • DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2.0