Mapware Release Notes (3/20/23)

Summary of updates found in the Mapware release dated 3/20/2023

Mapware has a brand new map experience that packs in more information while saving valuable screen real estate. You’ll have additional details in the sidebar, more accurate annotation information, and much more!

  • A new mini-map shows your position within the map, allows for quick navigation, and gives you access to visualization controls.

  • An improved model list gives more control over which map layers are visible. Our streamlined layers list relays information at a glance through model color coding and layer icons.

  • An updated model sharing experience. Additional information is available to easily determine your permissions when viewing a shared model.

  • Beefed up infrastructure behind the scenes. Our infrastructure changes will allow your models to load more quickly, be more responsive, and allow you to more easily access the data you need.

  • Several other changes that improve your experience around annotations, navigation, conservation of screen real estate.