Sharing Credits in Mapware

This article covers how you can share credits in Mapware.

Shared Storage & Processing Credits

Your team shares your processing credits and storage space. If they run out, they can send a request within the app.

Members you add to a Project or Team will share your processing credits and storage space when they upload images and process models. (View Only members do not have the ability to upload data or process models, and therefore no credits will be shared with them.)

Request to Process

If a user tries to process a model, and their permission setting does not allow this action, they will see a "Request to Process" button, which will trigger an email to the Account Owner and all account Admin members requesting more processing credit to be added to the account.

Request to Add Storage

If a user tries to upload data, and the account does not have enough storage space remaining to hold the data, they will see a prompt that allows them to request more storage. Clicking "Request additional storage" will send an email to the Account Owner and all account Admin members requesting that more storage is added to the account.

Turn Notifications On or Off

Any admin that does not wish to receive requests to process or requests for storage can turn these notifications off in their Profile settings, under Alerts & notifications.