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User Accounts and Teams

This article covers everything on user accounts and teams in Mapware

Everyone that is a Mapware member has a Team. Teams help organize users ability to access which projects and subscription plans. This is helpful for large organizations that have different groups that want to use the application for different purposes. Or smaller organizations looking to manage multiple clients. Using the teams functionality, you can easily share your entire workspace with other users. And don't worry - If you don't have anyone else that needs to join your team, that's totally okay too!


Team Permissions

When adding a user, you can set the permissions to one of 4 options:

  • Admin: Gives full permissions to the user. Mapware Admins can set permissions to View-Only, View & Edit, or View, Edit, & Process for each user added to a project. Only Admins can add or delete other users in the account.
  • View, edit, and process: Everything the View & Edit members can do, plus allows the user process models, and export results.
  • View and edit: Everything the View members can do, plus add and delete files, edit ground control points, and change file names. They CANNOT process models.
  • View: Members can view the project and all of its files, including images, ground control point files, GPS files, and the models created in the interface. They cannot upload more files, edit ground control points, process models, or make any changes to file names.

Share Mapware Projects

If you want to share certain projects in your account without adding a user to your team, add the user directly to each Project. You can assign different permission levels for each user you add to a project.

To a share a Mapware Project:

  1. Click the ellipses (...) for a project to see more Options
  2. Click Share
  3. Select either Invite by Email or Invite by Link
    1. If you select Invite by Email, type in the user(s) email address and press enter
      1. Set the level of permissions you wish to give the user(s)
      2. Then click Send Invite
    2. If you select Invite by Link, select the level of permissions you wish to give anyone that receives the link.
      1. Click Create Link
      2. Click Copy in order to paste to your friends

Mapware for Teams

You can add a user to your Team to give them access to all projects assigned to the team without having to add them to each project one by one.

By default, users added to your team have full View, Edit, & Process permissions. But, you can still limit permissions for each user if you have specific projects that should be View Only or View & Edit. Simply change the permission level for that user.

To add a new user to your team:

  1. Go to Teams & Members inside your user profile
  2. Click Add Member(s)
  3. Input the user's email address into the input box and select the level of permissions you wish the user to have.
  4. Click Send Invite to send the user an email with a link to your team. They can be either an existing user or a new user to Mapware. 

Shared Processing & Storage Credits for Teams

Adding a user to your Team means they will share your processing credits and storage space when they upload images and process models. Team users who do not have View, Edit, & Process permissions have the option to request processing through the app.

When a View Only or View & Edit team member makes a request to process a model, all team Admins receive an email notification requesting processing. If a team Admin doesn't want to receive request to process alerts, they can be turned off in the Alerts & Notifications dashboard.

Note: Billing is associated to a team, meaning that everyone who is added to your team will have access to that billing tier. However, if you create a separate team, that team will have separate billing details attached. This can be useful if you are managing multiple clients.

Belonging to Multiple Teams & Projects

Users who belong to multiple projects and teams are prompted to select which project or team they are using. Just select the right team or project in the drop-down menu in the Create New Project screen. Additionally, a user can select to view projects from a specific project on the homepage by clicking their team name and/or credit value, then selecting the team from the dropdown.

Users can have their own accounts and belong to multiple Teams and Projects with different permission levels on each of the teams and projects.

How many user accounts can I create or add to my Team with my plan?

As many as you like. Mapware pricing is based on data processing and storage, not number of users, so you can add an unlimited number of users to your Team. Remember you can then set permissions for each user you add to a Team.