Drone Flight Safety

Don't worry, Mapware Fly keeps automated drone flight as safe as possible!

At any point during the drone flight, you can take control of the aircraft.

  1. Press the Pause button in the UI
    1. The drone will immediately pause in its current location
  1. Use the drone controller to make any maneuvers that are required.
  2. Press Resume button in the UI and the drone will return to the automated flight to complete the mission

At any point during the drone flight, you can recall the drone home.

  1. Press the Return to Home button in the UI
    1. The drone will immediately pause in its current location
  2. Press to Confirm that you want to recall the drone to home
  3. The drone will head straight back to the home location

Mapware Fly has numerous automated checks throughout the application to keep drone safety the highest priority.

  • The preflight checklist has built-in functionality to check drone controller signal strength prior to flight taking off. If the signal is below a certain level, a warning message will be displayed to the user that starting a flight is higher risk. If you receive this message, make sure you (and the drone controller) can maintain line of sight with the drone. Additionally, check for obstacles, electrical or cell towers, or other interference objects that could be nearby.
  • During flight, you are able to view the controller signal strength with an icon on the in-flight telemetry bar. If at any times that signal degrades, the user will receive a message as well as a visual representation of the signal getting lower.
  • If the drone loses connection with the controller, a screen will immediately appear to the user. If this screen appears, it's imperative that you recall the drone (return to home button on the controller). Try to get visual line of sight on the drone and clear the controller from any obstacles that may be blocking the path to the drone. The application uploads all of the waypoints for the mission prior to flight, so there should not be any issues if you let the drone maintain the mission. However, we recommend for safety reasons it should be recalled if you are able to regain control.

If you ever have an accident or are experiencing any erratic flight behavior from your drone during flight, please contact us as soon as possible at Support@Mapware.com so we can be made aware of the issue and help you through the experience. 

FYI: We have never lost a drone or had any accidents during our many hours of automated flight testing, nor have we heard of any customers have any issues!