Connecting Your Drone

How to Connect your DJI Drone to Mapware Fly

Connecting your Drone

For the most part, connection with your drone is not needed until you are ready to fly. However, you are able to connect the drone at any time while using the application if you wish. If a drone is connected, the connection status will be displayed in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 

Screenshot_20220615-110358_Mapware Fly-1

NOTE: Certain functionality will ONLY work with a drone connected, such as seeing restricted airspace on the map and previewing the preflight checklist.

  1. When you are ready to connect your drone, turn on:
    1. your drone
    2. your controller
  2. Using the USB cord, connect your drone controller to the tablet. 
  3. When your tablet prompts you to “Choose an app for the USB device”, tap the Mapware Fly icon and Just once. 

NOTE: Do not choose DJI Fly or any other drone flight control software. Doing so will override Mapware Fly’s connection to your drone and prevent you from taking off.